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The activities of the software engineering group concentrate on the modeling of complex software systems. Developing concepts and tools for modeling and programming, for automation of the software developing process, and for quality assurance by verification and testing are the main activities.

2017–2020 BMWi HolMES – Holistic model-driven development for embedded systems in consideration of diverse hardware architectures
2014–2017 BMWi ModulFlex – Modular, flexibly adaptable high-performance interface for embedded systems with hard real-time constraints
2014–2017 BMWi MOEWE – Model-Based Tool for capturing and integration of timing requirements for the development of embedded systems
2013–2015 BMWi / Ostfal. GFCES – Generic framework for code generation for embedded systems
2010–2013 FNR MaRCo – Managing Regulatory Compliance: a Business-Centred Approach
2010 Open source Design and implementation of software for charitable associations
2009–2013 BMBF KoverJa – Correct distributed Java applications
2009–2012 BMWi and DAAD (STIBET) UML Target Animation – Development of a backannotation solution for modeling in UML