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Introduction to Graph Theory Research




This course is a block course (see details below) and in English. It is mainly
conducted by our visiting professor, Drago Bokal, University of Maribor,
and supervised by Markus Chimani.

In the course, we will start with an elementary puzzle that can be solved using
a graph theory model. We will build upon its solution towards graph drawing,
using a recently characterized graph class of 2-crossing-critical graphs. In
this class, we will study graph invariants relevant in algorithms and network
modelling. Students will prepare a research paper that could be a step towards
their thesis or either an academic or professional research career.

The course is a mixture of lectures, flipped classroom, and practical course
(meaning "doing theory in practice", as in "for real").
The central days of the course (mandatory attendance!) are
Mon, Sept. 30rd
Tue, Oct. 1st
Wed, Oct. 2nd
Fri, Oct, 4th.

There is course material to be read prior to this week. Having read and worked through this material before the course starts is a prerequisit (and may help you understand whether you are interested in the course, after all). The uploaded paper is a (mostly student written) introduction into the topic. You should
(a) read Section 1, and
(b) do the tasks in Sections 2&3.
These tasks are introductory in nature and meant so that you get a feeling for the basic building blocks of the topic. For definitions, you may need to consult either the given source or google/wikipedia/...
Section 4-7 are not necessary to consider at this point. We will discuss them Monday (and Tuesday).

Following the core week, you will be writing a paper on the topic. For this,
counseling hours (also via skype with Prof. Bokal) will be available. The
grading is based on the quality of the paper and its genesis.

The target audience for this course is Master students, or at least
BSc students close to graduation. There is a limit on the number of spots.
If we'd be overfull, we'd filter by previous experience with graph

The Opium deadline is Oct. 1st.

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